Nov 13, 2013

Furby Boom Festive Sweater Edition

Furby Boom Updates

*** Furby Boom is Out of Stock at Some Locations ***

*** Find Your Furby at Today ***

*** Don't Be Left Out ***

Out of Stock!!!  Not exactly what you want to see coming up to the busiest shopping day of the Christmas season.

I was doing a bit of web surfing tonight to see how the demand for Furby Boom is shaping up and to provide as much up to date information I can discover about the hot new interactive toy for 2013.

I am finding some information about Black Friday (Black Thursday ?) special pricing on Furby's but for a very narrow window of opportunity. Walmart and Toys R Us will be having special pricing for their Thursday shoppers but for spedific hours.

What I did find out today was that individual prices are starting to fluctuate depending upon popularity and availability. I also discovered that has a much better selection of Furby Boom. All 16 colors/patterns are available at Amazon where only 12 are available at and one of those is out of stock.

 Click on the image below to find current pricing and availability for Furby Boom Festive Sweater Edition at

The additional Furby Booms you will not find available from but are available at  are listed below.  Click on any one of the links to find Furby Boom at Amazon.

Furby Boom Orange Stars

Furby Boom Blue Diamonds

Furby Boom Purple Waves

Furby Boom Pink Hearts

Nov 10, 2013

More Furby Booms

Hasbro has now added six (6) more Furbys to their lineup. It is beginning to look like the Furby population can escalate almost as quickly as the virtual Furblings. There are now sixteen (16) Furbys to choose from.
But this expansion makes for a greater selection for you.
Below, I will identify the new additions for you: