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Furby 2012 Christmas Carols

We all know Furby and Furby Boom both have several different personalities.  Tickle their tummies and they may exhibit one personality.  Over feed your Furbys and they may exhibit a completely different personality.Treat them in a rough manner and they may exhibit still another completely different personality.

Depending upon how you play, Furby can feel Rockin, Sweet. Hyper, Jolly, or Fiesty.  This information is directly from Hasbro.

Furbys like to interact with one another and Furby Boom can actually share eggs with another Furby Boom.  So is it no wonder that when a group of Furbys get together the unexpected can happen.

Furby Boom looks to be a popular item for Christmas 2013 just like its predecessor Furby 2012.  Watch the short video below to see what happens when a group of Furbys decide to share the Christmas spirit.  Can you imagine what can happen when a Furby Boom joins the chorus?

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