Furby Boom Colors

Furby Boom Designs and Furby Boom Colors

There have been many questions asked about what the designs and colors are for the new Furby Boom 2013.

While they have maintained their furry egg shape there as been an addition of new colors and new designs.

In the graphic to the left you will see the various color combinations and designs for the first 6 Furby Booms introduced in 2013.

When you go to Hasbro, the distributors of Furby Boom, you will only find the six pets shown on the left. However, there are four additional Furbys that are available and I will be adding those to this site shortly.

The Six Original Furby Booms

In the image to the left you will find the following Furbys:

  • Furby Boom Peacock - Also called Peacock Furby
  • Furby Polka Dots - Also known as Polka Dots Furby
  • Furby Straight Stripes - Also known as Straight Stripes Furby
  • Furby Triangles - Also called Triangles Furby
  • Furby Waves - Commonly called Waves Furby
  • Furby Zig Zag Stripes - Better known as Zig Zag Furby
Also, what you see on the graphic is just a sampling of the Furbish language spoken by these lovable interactive pets.

Click anywhere on the image or on this link to check out the price of these Furbys and to purchase from Amazon.


  1. Furby Boom is NOT compatible with Kindle Fire. We were very disappointed when we found this out. My daughter has to go to her friends house to use the app. Other than this, she is happy with her Furby.

  2. I am sorry for your disappointment Lesley.

    Here is an excerpt from another post on this site:

    "Please note: As indicated above the app is available for the Kindle Fire HD. This does not include the Kindle Fire or any of the other Kindles.

    An additional word of warning: The Furby Boom app is ONLY compatible with the 2013 Furby Boom. While Furby Boom will interact with previous generations of Furby, the app will not work with the earlier versions."

    This information was available in this post: http://thefurbyboom.blogspot.com/p/furby-boom-2013.html

  3. i bought one it was expenzive and i put the batteries in an in less then a month my batteries ran out