Furby Boom 2013

The New Furby Boom 2013

A New Generation is Hatching

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Have you met the latest generation for the Furby family? 

Yes, there are six (6) new additions to the clan.  Six (6) new patterns and colors to choose from.  With 2 times the memory of the 2012 version and the ability to be able to be put to sleep, Furby Boom is sure to be a winner.

Aside from the new patterns and colors there are two distinguishing features that will ensure you have a true Furby Boom 2013.  You can see in the images above the new Furbies have notched ears.  Although you cannot see them here, they also have cloth feet.  It is important you have the right Furby for the new app.

Over the years many websites have promoted virtual pets to go along with your toy pets.  By entering a code into a website your child could could do a number of things to care for their pet.

With these particular sites, your child's actual toy pet could not interact with what was happening on the screen of the tech device for the virtual pet.

That now has changed with Furby Boom.

The Furby App 2013 Has Arrived

While the 2012 version of Furby did have an associated app that went along with the toy, the app was only available for iOS devices.

Furby owners that did not have that particular device could not take advantage of the additional features available through the app.

That has now changed in 2013.  The Furby app is now available as follows:
The Furby App is currently supported on the following devices: Samsung Galaxy SII, Note, Motorola Razr Maxx, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Google Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab SIII, and Fire HDX 8.9. Device must be running OS 2.3.3 or above.  
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Please note:  As indicated above the app is available for the Kindle Fire HD.  This does not  include the Kindle Fire or any of the other Kindles.

An additional word of warning:  The Furby Boom app is ONLY compatible with the 2013 Furby Boom.  While Furby Boom will interact with previous generations of Furby, the app will not work with the earlier versions.

The Furby app lets your child feed your Furby, get eggs and hatch virtual Fublings, play games, give their Furby a shower and let Furby go to the bathroom.  

The dashboard of the app will give an assessment as to the current needs of their Furby.  Does Furby need fed?  Is Furby dirty and needs a shower?  Does Furby need to go to the bathroom?

Download the appropriate app here

Watch this short video that introduces you to the new 2013 Furby Boom.

Here is a longer version presenting much more information and background.
Read the full assessment from Children's Technology Review
Even with all the additional technology and interactivity with the iOS or Android compatible app, This is a worry-free, closed information eco-system, with no possibility of identity transfer, chat, or personal information sharing. In other words, Furby is safe.


  1. Hi, my dauther has hot Furby Boom on Christmas and there is no chance to install Furby Boom app from Android store. This app is not available for our country. We live in Poland. Thats not fair...especially when children got such toy from St. Nicolaus....anybody can help me to solve that problem?

    1. I was not aware there was any kind of restriction in your country. You may wish to contact Hasbro's Customer Service at http://www.hasbro.com/customer-service/ to see if they have any suggestions.

    2. Use a VPN, and install it from play store...

    3. If it makes you feel any better, the app is not working for my Motorola HD Razr Maxx, and I live in the U.S.

    4. Same problem in my country, my daughter is so sad. The app cannot install outside US?

  2. I have the same problem with my grandson's Furby Boom in Peru. I would have thought a serious company like Hasbro would have thought that something like this could have happened and/or at least provide some kind of solution or alternative....

  3. Will their be any upgrades to how many devices that are compatible with the Furby BOOM app on the android.

  4. I don't know what Hasbro is doing in regards to making more devices compatible. I would venture to guess that they will add that information to their Frequently Asked Questions if new devices are added.

    Following is what I was able to get from their FAQ's today, December 26:


    Which iOS devices will the app work with?
    ★ iPod 4th generation or newer
    ★ iPhone 4 or newer
    ★ All iPad models
    iOS device must be running iOS 4.3 or later. Due to hardware limitations, the app may not have full functionality on some older devices.

    Which Android devices will the app work with?
    ★Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 & Galaxy Note 2
    ★Amazon Kindle Fire HD
    ★Google/Asus Nexus 7
    ★Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD (except model XT926)
    ★Toys R Us Tabeo
    NOTE: Device must be running Android OS 2.3.3 or later

    Anonymous, you can see from that listing that ★Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD (except model XT926) is a compatible device. If that applies to you, you may want to follow up with Hasbro.

    I am still trying to find out why the Android app is not available in Poland and Peru.

    1. We are in Germany and the app is not available here either. My daughter is very disappointed.

    2. I've also managed to get the app work for my niece on my HTC1 phone. But it doesn't connect to my Sister's Asus EPad running Android 4.somthing.

    3. Hi all, the limitation for certain countries is related to Play store issues since the "upgrade" from Google Play to Play store. For mysterious reasons paid apps are not available anymore and certain free apps also not. I sent an email and the response was that "we are aware, it is a complicated issue but we are working on it". That was a loooooooong time ago. I downloaded and installed the Furby Boom app from the 1Mobile Market, but when opening the app it says that a datafile is missing and the request to download the missing file returns a message like "you may not have purchased this app".

  5. Is anyone getting a sporadic static sound while playing on the app on the Kindle Fire HD? The actual Furby Boom's sound is fine. There is no problem with the sound on the Kindle except when playing with Furby.

    1. yeah my girls are getting that on my kindle fire too exactly as you describe

    2. We're getting the exact same problem while playing the app on the Kindle Fire HD. Kindle and Furby sound are fine as well.
      No idea yet what is causing it.

    3. A high pitched sound occasionally? It's how the furby communicates, if this isn't what you meant I apologise..

  6. Hello,

    I bought a Furby Boom here, in the US and sent it to my niece in Peru, I've been reading the comments and it seems as if the App is not compatible in Peru & Poland. Has anybody heard anything regarding the compatibility in different countries? I am going to consult with Hasbro. If I get any answers I will post them. If you have any solutions please help!

    Thank you!

  7. Furby Boom application working with simple tablet like Manta08. Why THEY tell "it's work only with samsung"? There is no especially thing to work with any tablets or smartphone!!! Liers! Why?

  8. Hi there, can the Furby 2013 listens to our command and answers like the Emoto-tronic Furby? Sorry I only had before an emoto-tronic Furby (the large furby in 2005), am not familiar with the small furby. Can anyone tell me how to "play" with this Furby 2013 if just play alone without the app? Thanks.

    1. Just download the App and click "play without furby" if u want to play with the 2013 app im not familiar with the 2005 furby so I cannot help u with that I hope this was partly helpful

  9. Well, it's not working with my daughters tablete, a TECTOY Disney Magic tablet.with Android 4.0.