Oct 30, 2013

Furby Boom 2013 Compared to Furby 2012

With the introduction of the new Furby Boom for 2013 there have been several questions asked as people complete their research before purchasing the product.

 In this post I will address some of those questions that seem to be coming more frequently.

New or updated products always generate the question as to what is so special about this version? How is it new and improved? Why should I give up my old version?

Let us delve into some of those questions and more below:

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What Are the Differences Between Furby 2012 and Furby Boom?

One of the first differences you will notice is with the ears.  Furby Boom can be identified by the notched ears compared to the solid ears in previous versions.

Another obvious difference is the addition to 10 additional bold colors and striking designs.  You can find all 10 new Furbys here.

In addition to the physical differences noted above, there are some addition differences we note below:

  • There is the new 2013 app experience.  The 2012 Furby app only worked with iOS devices.  The app has now been improved and works with additional devices.  In addition to working with iOS 4.3 or newer devices the app now works with some Android devices running Android OS 2.3.3 or later and is compatible with the Kindle Fire HD.  (Note: it must be HD)

  • Furby Boom app will NOT work with Furby 2012 and earlier and the Furby 2012 app will not work with Furby Boom.
  • With Furby Boom you will discover new personalities.  According to Hasbro, the manufacturer of Furby Boom, you may see the following personalities displayed:  Rockin, Sweet, Hyper, Jolly or Feisty
  • Furby Boom now remembers its own name and the name of other Furbys.
  • There is more content but it is only evident the more you play with your Furby.

 How Do You Turn Off Furby?

If you are familiar with some of the older versions of Furby you know that Furby can speak at inopportune times and it took some doing to get him to quiet down.  So, how do you turn off Furby Boom 2013?

Like the Furbys before him, Furby Boom has no on/off switch.  But that does not mean you do not have control over when he needs to be quiet.  Here are some ways that you can convince Furby Boom to go to sleep:

  • Strange, I know, but one way to put Furby Boom to sleep is to pull his tail for at least 10 seconds.
  • If pulling his tail did not work, try putting him on his back for at least 15 seconds.
  • This may take a little longer but you can also put Furby Boom in a quiet room.  He should get bored if you are not playing with him and go to sleep.
  • The ultimate disgrace for Furby Boom and the sure fire way to get him to be quiet is to remove his batteries.  Use this as the last resort.


  1. Thanks for posting this! you answered lots of questions I had...

  2. My daughters Furby Boom will not scan to her Kindle fire HD. What else can I try?

    1. Did you download the app via the Amazon App Store?
      The following is from Hasbro:

      "Users with an Amazon Kindle Fire HD will need to download the app via the Amazon App Store"

      If that doesn't solve the issue, you may want to contact Hasbro's customer service department here: http://hasbro-new.custhelp.com/app/answers/list/st/2/kw/furby%20app%20won't%20scan/page/1

    2. We're on Amazon Kindle Fire (Non-HD) and there's no app it seems.

    3. We did share in this post http://thefurbyboom.blogspot.com/p/furby-boom-2013.html that the app only works with the Kindle Fire HD.

      Here is an excerpt from that post:
      "Please note: As indicated above the app is available for the Kindle Fire HD. This does not include the Kindle Fire or any of the other Kindles.

      An additional word of warning: The Furby Boom app is ONLY compatible with the 2013 Furby Boom. While Furby Boom will interact with previous generations of Furby, the app will not work with the earlier versions."

  3. If your Furby Boom is not connecting, here are a few things to try. These come directly from Hasbro Customer Service.

    1. Make sure you are using the correct app - Furby Boom.
    2. Make sure Furby is not talking while you are attempting to communicate with your mobile device.
    3. Make sure the volume is set to its maximum on the mobile device.
    4. If you have a case on your device, make sure the speakers are not blocked. Try removing your case and try again.
    5. Place your mobile device 3-5 inches from Furby for best results.
    6. Make sure there is minimal background noise, Furby focuses best in a quiet environment. 7. Place your Furby on a flat surface, handling it makes it hard to communicate.

  4. I just got my furby boom and it not scaning on my ipod for the app what do i do

  5. Try the steps in my earlier comment. If that doesn't work you will need to contact Hasbro directly at Hasbro.com

  6. Will the furby 2012 talk with a furby boom... My daughter has one of each

    1. Thefollowing information comes from Hasbro's website:

      Can Furby Boom communicate with other Furbys?

      Yes; Furby recognizes when other Furbys are present and will strike up conversation.If you get the right personalities in the right mood, you may even get them to sing to each other.Sometimes Furbys get along, sometimes they don't.

      My Furby will not communicate with other Furbys.

      Try the following:
      ★ Be sure that both Furbys are facing each other, 3 - 5 inches apart for best results
      ★ It is easy for Furby to be distracted, be sure that background noise is minimal


  7. Do furby boom and furby connect play with each other?

  8. Unfortunately Furby Connect is not able to communicate with earlier versions of Furby.