Aug 10, 2014

Furby Furbling

Furby Furblings have broken loose from the digital world and are now available as real touch and feel Furblings.

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Furby Boom took the 2013 Christmas season by storm.  It became one of the hottest toys to hit the retail market.

Many things fueled that rush, but one has to wonder if maybe part of that toy gold rush was the introduction of the new Furby Boom app and the ability to hatch virtual Furblings and build a family of Furbys that interacted with one another.

While it was great that you could care for these virtual Furblings with your connected electronic device, there was something missing.

That something missing was the ability to hold that new Furbling in your hands, feel its fur and show it off.
In 2014, Hasbro introduced new real Furblings.  Just like the larger Furby Booms, these real Furblings come in a variety of exciting colors and patterns.

Since these are "baby" Furbys they do experience some limitations.  They will not respond to your voice or commands and they do not have motion of their own. They cannot be x-rayed and are unable to go to use the bathroom by themselves.  In addition, they cannot use the shower or eat big Furby's food.

Furby Booms can also talk to the new physical addition but they cannot initiate that conversation.  They will respond to a Furbling.

Keep in mind that versions of Furby earlier than the Furby Boom will not be able to interact with the Furbling.  Only the Furby Boom App can be used with a Furbling.  The earlier 2012 version of the Furby App will not work with Furblings.

Hasbro has also added a new twist.  You can use the Furby App to scan your Furbling to unlock a virtual egg and 3 room accessories.

There is also one uncommon characteristic of these new toys.  For most electronic toys with interactivity AA or AAA batteries are required and the toy does not come with batteries.

Furby Furblings require 3 A76 alkaline batteries.  Fortunately, these Furblings come with batteries.

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